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Niagara Substation


Southern California Edison


Rialto, California

QISG provided EPC services for the Niagara Substation which is a new 66/12kV substation to accommodate additional bottling facilities at the Niagara Water bottling plant in Rialto, CA. The new substation included two 66kV incoming lines through a 28 MVA, 66/12 transformer, two outgoing 12kV feeders to the plant, and 66kV underground transmission connecting to the SCE system.  All work was subcontracted; none was self-performed.

Niagara Water Bottling Production and Distribution Facility projected a max electric demand of 16 MVA by 2017. SCE serves the facility from an existing substation through a 12kV underground circuit. To support the projected electric demand, SCE built a new 66/12kV substation located on the Niagara Water Bottling Production and Distribution Facility.

The 66/12kV substation was constructed on an approximate 16,848-square-foot area in the existing facility within the existing parking lot. The substation is secured from public access and reduced from view.

The Niagara Substation includes various below ground facilities including ground grid, underground conduits, vaults, and foundations that are installed below ground and extend above ground. The substation has above ground equipment such as transformer, circuit breakers, disconnect switches, potential transformers, Mechanical Electrical Equipment Room (MEER), and associated equipment. The equipment was stationed in outdoor areas and within on-site structures.

When the transformer is operating under normal conditions, cooling is performed through the use of natural convection oil flow (Oil Natural Air Natural ONAN) and the audible sound level does not exceed 65 decibels. When the transformer load is over 22.4MW the cooling is performed through the use of fans (Oil Natural Air Forced ONAF) and the audible sound level does not exceed 68 decibels. The MEER is equipped with a 2.5 ton HVAC unit.

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