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Electric Power

We work around the clock to build quality infrastructure that powers our world, so that customers can focus on what to do with all that energy.

QISG has high-quality turnkey solutions to address the urgent challenges facing the electric power industry.

The need for renewable energy and new transmission lines, a resilient grid that accommodates Electric Vehicles, and Distributed Generation, the growth of energy demand and an aging legacy energy grid, severe weather events due to climate changes and the impact on grid integrity and reliability, are all challenges that require innovative and powerful solutions. QISG was created to harness the breadth and depth of Quanta Services resources and provide a single contracting approach for the most daunting of infrastructure solution challenges.

QISG is Quanta Services’ Center of Excellence for Program, Project, and Construction Management. Enabled by best-in-class technology and processes, partnering with the largest construction workforce in the industry, and backed by Quanta’s financial strength and commitment to success, QISG has begun to revolutionize the way complex projects are designed and executed.

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